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Poll #1511580 COTY 2009 Round 2 Leg 2
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Who was your favourite champ in 2009?

Chris Jericho (1xIntercontinental, 1xUnified Tag)
Jack Swagger (1xECW)
Nigel McGuinness (1xROH World)


Chris Jericho beat Batista, Mickie James and Sheamus. In other words Two WWE Titles, and One Divas Title

Jack Swagger beat BxB Hulk, Kofi Kingston and Mark Briscoe. In other words One Open the Historic Gate Title, One United States Title and One ROH Tag Title

Nigel McGuinness beat Davey Richards, John Morrison and Primo. In other words One ROH Tag Title, One World Tag Title, One Intercontinental Title, One WWE Tag Title and One Unified Tag Title